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What is PrivacyStack?

PrivacyStack is a curated selection of our favourite privacy-respecting software and hardware products across a number of categories. We want to help you get a headstart with your privacy journey.

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Which products suit PrivacyStack?

Digital technology has made our world more transparent and interconnected, posing new challenges and opportunities for becoming a privacy-conscious individual. Each listing aims to meet those challenges, and take hold of those opportunities.

Each of the listings must be transparent in nature, whether that be by being semi or fully open source, libre free software, and be open with the way they operate their business.

All products and services in PrivacyStack are private by design. Privacy must be one of the key design principles and ethos of the company and teams behind them.

All listings in PrivacyStack need to be accessible in nature, easy to use, and made for everyone.

This is PrivacyStack


Brave brings your browser to the next level. Regain control over your data, and take control of your online privacy with Brave. By default, Brave has your privacy in mind by blocking ads and trackers from day-one. By Brave


DuckDuckGo is our go-to search engine, enabling you to make searches that are free from tracking, brings transparency to your browsing experience, and encrypts the sites you visit, to ensure you're having a safe, private search experience. By DuckDuckGo


Firefox is the Mozilla foundation's flagship browser. The ability to harden your security profile via highly configurable privacy settings in only a few clicks - Firefox is great for a set and forget browser solution. By Mozilla

Firefox Dev

Firefox Dev lets you in on Mozilla's bleeding-edge features, performance, and dev tools ahead of final releases pushed to Firefox. Firefox Dev is tailored for development workflows and includes a range of experimental features that add a layer of efficiency to your dev workflows. By Mozilla

Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus is a privacy-focused browsing experience. Set up to block ads & web trackers by default, and allowing you to erase all user data (cookies, passwords, history) in one click - Firefox Focus is a comprehensive yet straightforward private browsing experience. By Mozilla


Tor's browsing framework ensures trackers and fingerprinting are blocked while encrypting your searches through the multi-layered Tor relay network. At its base, Tor prevents someone watching your connection from knowing what websites you visit. By Tor Project


Mullvad is a VPN that is private by design. Allowing access without requiring any personal information, logging, and based in Sweden - Mullvad is protected by robust jurisdictional privacy laws. By Mullvad


Windscribe is a free VPN and Adblocker that ensures your privacy by encrypting your activity, blocking ads, unlocking geo-restrictions, and preventing tracking when browsing online. By Windscibe


SoloKeys is a manufacturer of secure, easy to use, and open-source 2FA security keys. With support for the FIDO2 standard, the entire Solo 2FA range are key to safeguarding your accounts from phishing, takeovers or attacks. By SoloKeys


YubiKeys by Yubico are a range of hardware authentication keys purpose-built to secure your accounts and act as a line of defence against phishing. The YubiKey 5 Series offers a range of convenient form factors to fit your use case best. By Yubico


Aegis is an open-source, straight-to-the-point authenticator. Built for Android, it enables you to have a software-based authentication platform to ass another layer of security to your accounts. By Aegis


Tofu is an elegant, open source two-factor authentication app with a whole host of valuable features. Allowing for QR scanning, offline access, searching, robust security and compatibility - Tofu is our go-to iOS 2FA software platform. By Calle Luks


Bitwarden is an open-source, privacy-first password manager. Providing encrypted storage and backup, password generators, and more, Birwarden is feature-rich. As an open-source platform, BitWarden has been thoroughly audited by security researchers, industry leaders and used by a range of enterprises - Bitwarden has a track record of privacy and security. By Bitwarden


GrapheneOS is a privacy-first mobile OS built to enhance user security and privacy. GrapheneOS is built to fortify your mobile experience, minimise exploitation, and give you fine-tuned control to suit your privacy threat model. By GrapheneOS


Based on Libre Free Software, Debian is a complete Free OS. Stability, secure, smooth, and enduring support are at the heart of Debian's development fundamentals. Debian is a phenomenal option for both personal and enterprise environments. By Debian


elementaryOS is a clean, polished, and privacy-respecting OS based on solid Ubuntu foundations. The elementary Inc. team have built a beautiful OS with clear and transparent privacy guidelines at its core - so it is an OS any privacy enthusiast will love. By elementary


EndeavourOS is a powerful yet flexible OS built on a solid Arch foundation. Offering a range of Desktop Environments, EndeavourOS allows fine-tuned configurability to suit your use case. Backed by a vibrant and driven community, EndeavourOS is an excellent choice to discover new ways to explore your own personal system. By EndeavourOS


Reliability, user friendly, and power are the keys to Fedora's Workstation OS. Whether you're a student or a full-time developer, Fedora can be tailored to suit your needs. Backed by Red Hat and the Fedora Project team, Fedora Workstation is an excellent choice for a sleek and efficient workstation experience. By Fedora


openSUSE is one of the most usable and stable Linux distributions for workstations. Being secure, updated regularly, and feature-rich due to the inclusion of a host of in-house openSUSE TOOLS, openSUSE is a great option for an easy to use distro. By OpenSUSE


Ubuntu is an open-source, secure, and accessible GNU/Linux distribution. Recommended for your first foray into Linux, as it has great hardware compatibility and runs great with minimal configuration. By Canonical Ltd.


Xubuntu is a flavour of Ubuntu tailored for simplicity and light resource usage. A fantastic option for users wanting a configurable, lightweight, and stable user experience that is easy to use. By Canonical Ltd.


Jami is a cross-purpose communication platform. Tailored for personal and enterprise use, you can use Jami for all your personal and commercial workflows. From private messaging to video communication, Jami is an all-in-one solution that is easy to use. By Savoir-Faire Linux


Threema is a privacy-first, lightweight, open-source, and encrypted instant messenger. Threema strikes a balance between being a versatile and feature-rich messenger while ensuring your privacy and anonymity are upheld. By Threema

Threema Work

Threema Work is the enterprise variant of the Threema messaging platform. Built to meet your company's security and privacy compliance needs, Threema Work is tailored for teams that need privacy in every facet of their team communications workflows. By Threema


Session is a privacy-respecting, end-to-end encrypted messenger. By employing metadata minimisation, secure encryption, networking protocols and routing, you can ensure your messages will remain private when using Session. By Oxen


Adhering to Free Software, and open-source principles, 7-Zip is an essential tool for all your file archival and compression needs. Allowing compression across a range of formats and allowing archival within a range of encryption filters and algorithms, 7-Zip is our go-to file archival tool. By 7-Zip


MySudo enables you to break the link between your personal information and online activity, by creating anonymised phone numbers and emails for your online accounts or any time you give out personal information. Prevent ad tracking, hacking, or even identity theft with MySudo. By Anonyome Labs


EteSync is a tool that allows you to sync all of your personal data across devices securely—allowing you to encrypt your contacts, calendars, tasks and notes. EteSync is an easy to use, open-source, and privacy-first personal data management tool. By EteSync


Quickly get to note-taking, and avoid all the fluff. From the second you first open Notebook, you can get straight to the point. Whether you're writing down an idea, a reminder, or a thought you can't afford to forget, Notebook is there for you. By Faraday HQ

LibreOffice Suite

Liberate your office software experience by using LibreOffice's free, powerful, and open-source office suite. Libre office is a clean, feature-rich suite that lets you dive into your productivity workflows and creative pursuits. By LibreOffice
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